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Bang for the buck(et)!


On numerous occasions I said: Why are we doing that ? We already have it!

Customers pay serious money for their Oracle Database. The problem is that neither the customer nor the developers tend to know the product. They still think the Oracle database is…well just a very very very expensive bucket. I tried to find a picture which actually shows what you bought. Couldn’t find any, so I made my own.Not pretty but’s that’s not the point. 🙂

If you are running Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g/12c this is what you roughly have without any extra licenses. Know what you pay for. Use what you pay for.


On purpose , the level of detail is restricted in this picture. Also Oracle Streams «cannot be used» with multitenant container databases (CDBs) or pluggable databases (PDBs). Too bad, I guess Golden Gate is the replacer for that?

If I missed out any obvious…

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