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12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (All Things SQL)

La nueva versión de Oracle 12cR2 (o 12.2) ya se encuentra disponible en Oracle Cloud. En el siguiente artículo se revisan las principales novedades: 12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (All Things SQL)

  • Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger JSON
    • JSON from SQL
    • JSON in PL/SQL
  • Looooooooooong Names
  • Robust Code using Constants for Data Type Lengths
  • Listagg Improved On Overflow
  • Lightning Fast SQL with Real Time Materialized Views
  • Fast Estimates with Approximate Query Enhancements
  • Verify Data Type Conversions
  • Handle Casting Conversion Errors
  • Single Statement Table Partitioning
  • Automatic List Partitioning
  • Mark Old Code as “Not for Use”
  • PL/SQL Code Coverage

Oracle 12.2 Sharding Option

Sharding en Oracle 12.2

amitzil - Oracle DBA blog

Lately I wrote a post about 12.2 new features. In the post I didn’t list sharding (probably one of the biggest features in this version), as I wanted to dedicate an entire post for it. In this post I will cover this option , but please note, as 12.2 is only released for the cloud and no one can install it and play with it, all the information is based on presentations I’ve seen at OOW and a chat I had with one of the developers in the demo ground. There might be some inaccuracies or mistakes in the post.

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Oracle 12.2 Cool New Features

En el último Oracle Open World se ha anunciado el lanzamiento de Oracle 12cR2 (o 12.2). En el siguiente artículo se repasan algunas de las novedades más importantes: Oracle 12.2 Cool New Features

  • Partitioning
    • Alter table to partitioned table
    • Create table for exchange
  • In-Memory
    • Standby Database: In-Memory option
    • Dynamic resizing
    • Fast start
  • Security
    • Online encryption and re-key operations
    • Internal tablespace encryption
    • DB vault simulation
  • Dictionary
    • Long identifiers
  • PDB
    • Resource management
    • Hot clone
    • Local undo
    • Flashback
    • Characterset
  • Others
    • Index Monitoring
    • Materialized Views – real time refresh
    • External Tables – partitions